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Mission Statement

By 2024 Connect An Influencer will be recognised as the leading online global influencer platform for facilitating closer working relationships between market leading Influencers, experts and Key Opinion Leaders and their followers.

Our Roadmap starts with our mission to:

  • connect influencers and followers in an intuitive, safe and secure way.
  • inspire moments of joy and closeness by connecting aspiration to inspiration – create real value, in real time by video streaming, either one to one or one to many.

Our brand

The brand will be associated with:

  • Bringing credit to both the platform and the wider industry by discharging all its’ responsibilities in a professional, ethical and charitable way.
  • Influencers and their followers will experience a winning network designed to create mutual enduring relationships by the implementation of intuitive and easy to use technology
  • Being an excellent place for people to work hard, inspiring, caring yet highly effective, fast moving and great fun.
  • Being a responsible ‘citizen’ by caring about our planet and will help in building and supporting our charity of choice, Tree Nation.

Our Ethos

Excellence, Teamwork, Honesty, Openness & Service

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